Accommodation and Travel FAQ’s


Is my accommodation included in my registration fee?

No, your accommodation is for your own cost and rates will vary depending on which hotel you choose.


When should I arrive in Kigali?

We recommend you arrive early in order to get the most advantage out of AORTIC 2017. Be sure to review the registration dates and times carefully to ensure that you can pick up your accreditation in time.

What is the time zone in Rwanda?

The time zone in Rwanda is Central African Time (CAT): GMT + 2 hours.

What is the currency used in Rwanda?

The Rwandan Franc is the currency of Rwanda, although US Dollars are accepted at most hotels. Foreign currency may only be exchanged at authorised banks and hotels, and a receipt must be obtained. The currency declaration form must be retained as this will be required by customs on departure. Visitors may change back any surplus Rwandan Francs to cash at the airport before departure.

In addition to any Rwandan Francs, along with the currency exchange form, you must bring with you all receipts for exchange transactions.

What are the banking hours?

Monday – Saturday: 08:00 – 17:00

Most banks work through lunchtime; however foreign exchange services are closed during lunch hours (12:00 noon – 13:00)

Do I need to have any inoculations or vaccines before I travel?

A yellow fever inoculation certificate is required for entry into Rwanda if you have travelled from or through a yellow fever zone in the previous 6 days before entry. You cannot get an inoculation upon arrival and your inoculation certificate must be dated at least ten days prior to your arrival in Rwanda.

Travel clinics recommend Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Hepatitis B vaccinations (more than 15 days before departure). Please consult your local doctor / travel clinic for further advice.

What is the official language of Rwanda?

The main language spoken in Rwanda is Kinyarwanda. French is spoken widely as is English.

Do I need a visa to enter Ethiopia?

Please see the Visa Information page.

 How do I stay in contact?

Telephone, fax and internet access are available in most hotels. The international dialling code for Rwanda is +250.