African Cancer Leaders Institute

Congratulations to the African Cancer Leaders Institute class of 2017!

AORTIC is pleased to announce the 20 successful applicants for ACLI 2017 program who will be attending the AORTIC 2017 Conference in Kigali, Rwanda.
Hearty congratulations to this next generation of leaders in cancer research and practice in Africa.  We wish them best of luck in all their future endeavors as they continue to contribute to the development of high-quality cancer care in Africa!



The goal of the AORTIC African Cancer Leaders Institute (ACLI) is to develop the next generation of leaders in cancer research, advocacy, education, policy, and clinical practice in Africa. ACLI will create a pathway for successful participants to demonstrate leadership skills within the Organisation by serving on AORTIC committees and Council.

The ACLI will develop activities for individuals who commit to providing leadership in cancer for Africa. The ACLI will commission workshops, satellite meetings, exchanges, and other activities to compliment the professional competencies of ACLI participants.

ACLI Objectives

The overall objective is to develop the next generation of leaders in cancer research and practice in Africa with the following objectives.

Aim 1. Intensive training for career development – Review advanced concepts in patient-oriented cancer research and public-private partnerships to accelerate progress in cancer care.
Aim 2. Network development – ACLI participants and mentors will share and discuss research and advocacy needs, developing long-term relationships and potential for collaboration. ACLI members of past cohorts (2013, 2015) will also be invited to the ACLI networking lunches.
Aim 3. Mentorship – Individuals of senior stature with experience in various aspects of research, academic, clinical, outreach, and other areas of leadership in Africa will be identified to serve as mentors to ACLI participants.
Aim 4. Long-term scholarly advancement – Disseminate new knowledge and promote the careers of a new generation of leading African investigators, especially women and minority participants by publishing a summary of ACLI topics with Keynote Speakers.